Full “Tumbleweed Thompson” Story Now Available!

Illustration by Joe Sutphin

The fine folks at Story Warren have published my short story, “Tumbleweed Thompson’s Youth Tonic” over at their site. It’s the first of what hopefully will be several colorful tales involving the adventures of Eugene Teitsworth, a responsible – and highly impressionable – young lad of 12, and his encounters with the force of nature known as Tumbleweed Thompson. The stories take place in the 1860’s in the small frontier town of Snakeskin Junction, Colorado. I’m proud of this story and excited to share it with you. I’m also thrilled to have the artwork of illustrator Joe Sutphin accompany the story. It was an unexpected blessing, and I’ll treasure Joe’s work on this story.

Here’s the link to the story. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to share!

“Tumbleweed Thompson’s Youth Tonic” 

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