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Junction Tales

 (Released January, 2020)

A rip-roaring return to the frontier town of Rattlesnake Junction, where readers will encounter:

  • A silver mine guarded by a mysterious Man in Black!
  • The famous herd of Chester Willoughby’s Miracle Cows!
  • The deadly super-skeeters of Kingman Hill!
  • An unflappable school teacher and her prank-filled first day on the job!
  • PLUS a bonus story, “Dead-Eye Dan and the Laramie Seven.”Part tall tale, part legend, and all fun, Junction Tales travels back to the world of Tumbleweed Thompson for more memorable characters, wild adventures, and frontier hilarity.

The Misadventured Summer of Tumbleweed Thompson!

The Introduction to the World of Rattlesnake Junction

(Released January, 2019)

Inspired by buddy adventure novels like Homer PriceThe Great Brain, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the story follows 12-year old Eugene Appleton, whose summer in the frontier town of Rattlesnake Junction, Colorado promises to be just as sleepy as the ones before, with his only excitement provided by the pulse-pounding Dead-Eye Dan adventure novels he devours. But Eugene’s life swerves into unexpected territory with the arrival of Tumbleweed Thompson, a gangly, red-haired drifter who spins yarns about whaling voyages in the Atlantic and ice fishing with the Inuits. It’s a novel about friendship, adventure, belonging, and finding out there’s a whole lot more out there than you first thought.

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Horace and Oscar Visit the Lake

An ebook for young readers

(released December, 2018)

For Horace the rabbit and Oscar the giraffe, life in Baby Henry’s nursery is predictable and routine. And that’s just how Oscar likes it. But when opportunity knocks – and Horace nudges – the two friends must summon the courage for a Thrilling Adventure which will take them out of the nursery on a Daring Quest to reach the lake across the lane!

A “mini-chapter” book with warm, lively illustrations from Janna Mattia, Horace and Oscar Visits the Lake will make the perfect story to gather around!

Reader’s Theater

Enjoy this free Reader’s Theater adaptation of the classic Christmas story “Why The Chimes Rang.” Great for the holiday season or any time of year! Click the picture to download.

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