Short Story Preview: “Tumbleweed Thompson and the Youth Tonic”

colorado33So I’ve begun work on a new project, and – like most projects – I’m not sure exactly where it will take me. But I’ll say this – the past couple months have been a great season of discovery in the process of writing what I think now will be a collection of short stories featuring the exploits of Eugene Teitsworth, whose status quo life as a 12-year old boy on the American frontier is thrown for a loop when he meets Tumbleweed Thompson, a newcomer to the town of Snakeskin Junction who has big plans for their friendship. Butch and Sundance have nothing on these two!

Now seemed like a good time to offer a sneak preview of the first story in the series, called “Tumbleweed Thompson and the Youth Tonic.” There’s a good chance you’ll be seeing some exciting news about the full story in the near future, so keep checking back. For now, though, enjoy the opening! You can download a PDF link to the first third of the story here: Tumbleweed Thompson #1 – Preview

4 thoughts on “Short Story Preview: “Tumbleweed Thompson and the Youth Tonic”

  1. Oh my gosh! Give me more!!! I was hooked by the second sentance! I absolutley love it! It has a great feel to it and this story is gonna blossom into something amazing!

  2. Loving it! NOT happy waitin’ fer more. (Especially just as I’m replaying Lucille Ball hawking Vitamieenavegamin, and Tenessee Ernie Ford’s “hitch in his git-along”, with the tonic-selling.)

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