Building Devil’s Tower

  Some days you eat the bear. Some days, the bear eats you. I'd love to know the originator of that one, wouldn't you? I'm hoping there's some great story at the root of it. Like back in some cave, Og is squatting around a fire and his buddy Oog comes shuffling back through the … Continue reading Building Devil’s Tower

For Those Who Make the Stories

Shh... Listen ... Can you hear it? Probably not. But it's happening.¬†Right now, all over the world, there are people making stories. They have "other jobs," many of them - moms and dads, teachers and salesmen, and plenty of other obligations which occupy their day. But, for some inexplicable, beautiful reason, the beauty of a … Continue reading For Those Who Make the Stories

Darts Into the Darkness

Up here in the frozen North,¬†winter takes its toll on even the hardiest souls. And here, in the middle of January, a week or so beyond Christmastide, it's taking its toll on this hardy soul. As much as I pay lip service to loving winter - the crust of snow over the backyard, the frosty … Continue reading Darts Into the Darkness

Ride the Movies

The news out of last week's all-things-Disney D23 Expo that the venerable The Great Movie ride attraction would be closing soon at Disney's Hollywood Studios hit me with a wave of sadness more powerful than I would have expected. I shouldn't have been surprised at the news. Disney's been closing down and revamping rides for … Continue reading Ride the Movies