Kickstarter Day One in the Books!

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I PROMISE I will not be journaling every day of this Kickstarter campaign. Well, at least not publicly. However, as we reach the 24-hour mark of the campaign, I thought I’d share some beautiful words from my friend S.D. Smith that in the way that only he can, express what the past season in my life has been. It’s a wonderful metaphor for the sort of “daring greatly” which I wrote about a bit last week in the lead up to the campaign. I’m thoroughly grateful for all the support and love Tumbleweed has been shown. For now, though, here are some words from Sam. Here’s the link to the full post.

Give us a chance, and we will give you our hearts. We will expose our hearts to be shot at. It is a brave thing to stick your neck out in a world full of flashing swords. Few are brave enough to stick out their soft, supple necks, but everyone has a sword. Everyone loves to use their swords. Swords are easy to use. It’s easy to go around chop, chop, chopping.


He’s exactly right, you know. And if there’s one truth that this experience has taught me so far is that exposing your heart to the world, as Sam puts it, is  dangerous and stupid and necessary in making anything that matters.

But it’s also so, so beautiful.

So, thanks for Day One. And here’s to a lot more to get where we’re going on this crazy journey together.


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