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It was about this time of year, the whirlwind pre-Christmas season, more than a few years ago, when I wrote my first children’s book. I was a senior in college, and for the final assignment of our Children’s Literature class, my wife Danielle and I collaborated on a 32-page picture book. I remember two things about that project, other than our frenetic push to turn the project in on time and the what-have-we-gotten-ourselves-into feeling that met us repeatedly throughout the final weeks of the project as we learned about art design, picture book illustration, and children’s book publishing in one fell swoop (and these were the days of the internet’s infancy, mind you):

  1. Writing that story was a revelatory experience. The words came pouring out of me faster than I could put them down. The characters – a snowman named Arthur, his turtle Eli, and his new friend Caitlin – seemed already fully-formed in my head, waiting for me to meet them. Of course, the crafting and revising took lots of time and work, but the whole process was so glorious, so, well, fun, I just knew it wouldn’t be the last time I’d write for children.
  2. I was sure this manuscript would get published. (I chalk that up to a combination of naivete and ignorance. )

Well, the publication didn’t happen with that story. Shocker.

Though a few years have gone by since that snowman story, in so many ways, I still feel like that college kid, charged with adrenaline and passion at bringing a new story into the world. I’m proud to announce the publication of Horace and Oscar Visit the Lake, a delightful little story about a couple of friends and a grand adventure. It’s a beautifully-illustrated ebook that I think will make the perfect story to gather around this Christmas season, and beyond. (I’ll probably say more in the coming days about how much the artwork of the talented Jannia Mattia makes this story come alive, but for now, I’ll just say it’s a treat, and I’m sure you’ll love it!)

I love telling stories. And, even better, I love sending those stories out into the world to find a home among people who can make them a part of their own stories in new, exciting ways.

Horace and Oscar Visit the Lake is one of those stories. It’s my first published book, but I can promise you, it won’t be the last.

I’d love for you to join me and gather around this story. You can find it at Amazon, and it will be on your e-reader, iPad, or other device quicker than you can say, “Kris Kringle Kraves Krispy Kremes.”


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