Podcast Episode 3 – “Anna Overmoyer”

A special “Back to School” episode of the EyeWonderWhy Podcast, with recent student and current starving artist Anna Overmoyer. (Just kidding; she eats well.) Anna’s a dimensional illustrator, so to get y’all introduced, here’s a few of Anna’s pieces (All from her website, annasketchstudio.blogspot.com.)

Here’s the audio to the podcast (also available on iTunes!).

“Snow White”
Beauty and the beast final poster2
“Beauty and the Beast”

1 thought on “Podcast Episode 3 – “Anna Overmoyer”

  1. Her work is so beautiful! “Impossibility of Knowing One’s Self” and “Beauty and the Beast” are my favorites, I think, but they’re all quite captivating. Like Anna said, there are details that keep you studying the work, searching for more little gems, little surprises. So good.

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