Exciting Announcement!

PitchWars-SnowballThis week, I got some great news related to my upper middle grade fantasy manuscript, Lang Sawyer and the Den of Nostromo!

 I was selected for the Mentor round of the Pitch Wars contest through YA author Brenda Drake’s website. This means for the next month, I’ll be working with middle grade author Jen Swann Downey – whose debut The Ninja Librarians comes out in April, 2014 and sounds terrific! – to work through revisions on Lang. Then, on January 22 and 23, a group of nearly 20 agents will take a look at the story and see whether it’s something they’d like to see more of. In other words, wahoo! This is a great opportunity to work with a terrific writer and produce the best possible manuscript.

Read more about the contest here. And read more about my mentor, Jen Swann Downey here, and her book The Ninja Librarians, here.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, you can get the scoop on my manuscript on the “Writing” page here. 

I’ll keep you posted with any new developments.

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