Lang Sawyer and the Den of Nostromo

Who is Lang Sawyer? 

He’s part 13-year old monster hunter, part eating machine, and the main character of Lang Sawyer and the Den of Nostromo, a middle grade fantasy adventure. Here’s the quick pitch:

Three weeks shy of turning 13, Langhorn Sawyer – great-great grandson of Tom Sawyer – discovers a leather-bound book tucked next to the mailbox. The mysterious writing inside reveals a family bombshell: Sawyers have been hunting monsters ever since Grandpa Tom killed Dracula. Convinced this reveal will lead him to answers about his mom’s mysterious disappearance seven years ago, and dead-set on proving he’s got the Sawyer mojo to hang with his Dad, Lang talks his way onto his Dad’s next mission. Instead of glory, Lang gets a concussion. Both Sawyers are summoned to London by eccentric scientist Alistair Nevin. While creeping around headquarters, Lang uncovers a crucial piece to his family’s puzzle. Criss-crossing Europe by bullet train, rusty pickup, and lemon-yellow moped, he burrows deeper into a hidden world that’s larger than he could have possibly imagined and meets a cast of characters torn from the pages of literature. Through all the hare-brained schemes, narrow escapes, and secret identities, Lang realizes the connection between the Council and his family, including his mother’s death, run deeper than he could have imagined. He’ll have to be on top of his game to save his bacon (and the world).

Stay tuned to this blog and my Twitter feed (@glennmccarty) for updates, and perhaps some sneak peeks at the manuscript!

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