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Horace and Oscar Visit the Lake

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For Horace the rabbit and Oscar the giraffe, life in Baby Henry’s nursery is predictable and routine. And that’s just how Oscar likes it. But when opportunity knocks – and Horace nudges – the two friends must summon the courage for a Thrilling Adventure which will take them out of the nursery on a Daring Quest to reach the lake across the lane!

A “mini-chapter” book with warm, lively illustrations from Janna Mattia, Horace and Oscar Visits the Lake will make the perfect story to gather around!


Reader’s Theater

Enjoy this free Reader’s Theater adaptation of the classic Christmas story “Why The Chimes Rang.” Great for the holiday season or any time of year! Click the picture to download.


Art by Joe Sutphin

Art by Joe Sutphin

Tumbleweed Thompson Tales

For 12-year old Eugene  Appleton, life in the frontier town of Rattlesnake Junction swerves into unexpected territory with the arrival of Tumbleweed Thompson, a gangly, banjo-pickin’ drifter with tales of whaling in the Atlantic and ice fishing with the Inuits. The adventures of Tumbleweed and Eugene are inspired by a lifelong love of tales of mischief and mayhem, such as Robert McCloskey’s Centerburg Tales, Richard Peck’s A Year Down Yonder, and of course, Mark Twain.

Stories with Tumbleweed and Eugene have been featured on Story Warren. Here are the stories so far:

#1: Tumbleweed Thompson’s Youth Tonic

#2: Tumbleweed Thompson and the Popping Pepper (Part 1)

Tumbleweed Thompson and the Popping Pepper (The Conclusion)

#3: Tumbleweed Thompson and the Fiddler’s Daughter (Part 1)

Tumbleweed Thompson and the Fiddler’s Daughter (The Conclusion)

#4: Tumbleweed Thompson and the Sharpshooter (Part 1)

Tumbleweed Thompson and the Sharpshooter (The Conclusion)