The Old Stories

 Image by © Luc Beziat/cultura/Corbis

Image by © Luc Beziat/cultura/Corbis

I’m a sucker for the New. Whether it’s browsing the stacks of a bookstore and salivating at the tantalizing jacket copy, or streaming a 90-second clip of new music, the impulse to acquire is often too strong to resist. I cave; I buy; I apologize to my wife; I invest in more shelves; the cycle continues. Much in our culture feeds this hunger for the new, pointing us toward the future at the expense of the present or the past. After all, new is good for business. Mark down the inventory, clear the shelves, start again.

But what happens to the Old in all of this? Take old books, for example. Sure, new volumes with their scent of fresh glue and wood pulp are delicious in their, well, newness. But what about the smell of old books? Or the way they feel against the fingers, rough and buttery at the same time?

And what about the old stories? When visiting a new city on vacation, I love nothing more than wandering through its finest used bookstore, getting lost amidst the stacks, then unexpectedly stumbling upon a copy of Baum, or MacDonald, or the Hardy Boys or Paddington. Opening these books is like revisiting old friends. Far from nostalgia, the stories contained within remain rich and rewarding.

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Illuminate Arts Camp 2016

cropped-cropped-illuminate-logo-smallLast year, a bunch of us art-loving folk gathered at my home church for something brand new – a day-long workshop-style arts camp for kids. I called it “Illuminate,” to encourage children to remember their creativity is a gift from the Creator which allows them to share his light with their world. It was, admittedly, a bit of an experiment. Would busy families give up a Saturday for our little ole’ attempt to celebrate the good, truthful, and beautiful through creativity and imagination?

Well, we were gobsmacked by the turnout. Nearly 40 campers, ages 7-15, showed up for a day of drawing, music, storytelling, pottery, and sculpting. It was a blast!

Well, long story short, we had so much fun at last year’s Illuminate Arts Camp, that we’re doing it again in 2016!

There will be lots more details coming soon, but suffice it to say we’re adding new teachers, new workshops, and planning on having a whole lot more fun and making a lot of memories. I can’t wait to share all the exciting developments with you, but for now, head over to for the details.

Illuminate Arts Camp 2016 is on!