Poem – “Goodbye, Summer”

Corbis Images

Corbis Images


I wrote the poem “Goodbye, Summer” to commemorate the summer that was, to celebrate things passing and new beginnings. I read the poem on Episode 3 of the EyeWonderWhy Podcast, which aired on September 15, 2014. Enjoy!

Goodbye, Summer



Podcast Episode 3 – “Anna Overmoyer”

A special “Back to School” episode of the EyeWonderWhy Podcast, with recent student and current starving artist Anna Overmoyer. (Just kidding; she eats well.) Anna’s a dimensional illustrator, so to get y’all introduced, here’s a few of Anna’s pieces (All from her website, annasketchstudio.blogspot.com.)

Here’s the audio to the podcast (also available on iTunes!).


“Snow White”

Beauty and the beast final poster2

“Beauty and the Beast”