Short Story Preview: “Tumbleweed Thompson and the Youth Tonic”

colorado33So I’ve begun work on a new project, and – like most projects – I’m not sure exactly where it will take me. But I’ll say this – the past couple months have been a great season of discovery in the process of writing what I think now will be a collection of short stories featuring the exploits of Eugene Teitsworth, whose status quo life as a 12-year old boy on the American frontier is thrown for a loop when he meets Tumbleweed Thompson, a newcomer to the town of Snakeskin Junction who has big plans for their friendship. Butch and Sundance have nothing on these two!

Now seemed like a good time to offer a sneak preview of the first story in the series, called “Tumbleweed Thompson and the Youth Tonic.” There’s a good chance you’ll be seeing some exciting news about the full story in the near future, so keep checking back. For now, though, enjoy the opening! You can download a PDF link to the first third of the story here: Tumbleweed Thompson #1 – Preview